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April 2006
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Well, I guess this is where it begins.

A breif introduction to The Lolly Project:

“They’re called night-lollies,” Rayen said excitedly, repeating a snitch of conversation she’d overheard. “They turn black in the dark and blue in the daytime!”

“That’s terribly interesting,” Tienne said, the image of sarcasm. “What else?”

“Star-lollies, moon-lollies, blood-lollies.” She picked up a red lolly Tienne assumed was the latter and stuffed it in her pocket.

“I wouldn’t eat anything called a blood-lolly,” Tienne warned. “Especially if its night-elven.”

excerpt from part four of the lolly project

It all started a while ago when I, Eshen, also known as Quintinius M. Fabius, started up an English project that I technically dont have to do. (Its for next year, but I'm going to a new school.) Anyways, it sort of morphed into an idea for a novel-length story, and I posted the first four parts to my friends-only livejournal.

Of course, since I'm omgsounpopular, no-one read it but Kelly and Kai. Their comments were really good, though, so I decided to move the story here.

Its called The Lolly Project because, first off, its a work in progress, and second, I love the word lolly. Lollies are actually semi-important to the plot, although you're not supposed to know that, so I'll shut up. -blush-

I know about Shoebox Project- in fact, I love it- and I know about Screenplay Project- which I also love- and I would never want to come off as if I were trying to plagarize or something. So I'll just distract you with this lolly! -throws a lolly in your general direction-

Without further ado, je vous presente The Lolly Project in all its candied glory.